Yes, it's true, Takeru Kobayashi a.k.a "Competitive Eater" has a new challenger -Bennett had rice cereal for the first time this week. He LOVED it. Or should I say, he INHALED it (literally). He liked it so much that he couldn't wait for Dad to scoop up another bite - he went for the tray instead. Smart kid.

He's a natural at this eating thing. We're very proud. ;)


4 months.

{wearing an outfit that Daddy once wore}

All about you... Our Bennster Boy,

- You roll over (front to back and back to front).
-You talk like a maniac. You make all sorts of sounds. It is so fun to watch you converse with us. You sure are trying to say something.
-You squeal like a pterodactyl. Mommy didn't realize you could or would pick up her high pitch version of baby talk. Oopsies.
-You "Bubble up" with your ever so slimy spit. After a day of "lip raspberries" you're foaming at the mouth more than an Bull Mastiff after a long run.
- You've always had a strong neck, but lately, you love to pull your head back (when I am holding you on my shoulder) to stare at me or give me one of those bodacious big mouth grins.
-You smile until your jaw's sore. Really, you're such a happy boy. You smile with your whole body. Love that.
-You laugh! You even laughed at yourself in the mirror for 3 minutes straight.
-You splash during bath time. You soak us every time.
- You sing along (or seem to) to your favorite songs... "the wheels on the bus" and the silly songs mommy made up for you.
-You have gas - bad. Especially at night. :(
- You have happy feet... and oh boy do you use them when you're excited!
- You grab everything. Whatever ends up in your hands ends up in your boca.
-You have officially learned to calm yourself to sleep (during the day). A bundle and some "Baby Mozart" do the trick every time.
-You can actually grow hair! We thought this was going to be a challenge for you, but you have proved us wrong. It is finally starting to grow. Mommy was sad the day she realized your "feathers" were being replaced with the real deal. Looks blond. We'll see.
- You started to shake your head --- kinda like you're saying "no." You do it when you are really happy! I love love love it.
-You love time with Daddy. I love to watch you two together. Lately, "The Claw" tickle game makes you laugh. Mommy tried to do it the other day and you cried - it only works with Daddy.
- You are obsessed with books. It's odd how much you love them. You will sit through multiple books at a time. You concentrate and try to grab the words. Smarty pants.
-You love kisses. They make you laugh.
- You are undeniably the best baby in the world.
-You're simply irreplaceable.

We love you Bennett - oh so very much!

Mom & Dad