Hard to believe you're one. My little Benetron is one!
You have been a true joy. I love how you smile, how you cry {really it is the cutest puppy dog cry you've ever seen} and how you inspire me to be better every day. You are patient, kind and oh so wonderful.
You love "chichi" {chicken}, "ju" {juice} and "teets" {treats}. You always insists for "ma" {more}. You are so observant and always point out "di" {this} and "dat" {that}. You are intrigued by "sus" {shoes}, "hat" {hats} and "tis" (toys}. You can't go a day without a "da" {bath} or a "tes" {kiss}. You are always proud to show me your "tu" {tongue} and point to my nose when asked. You like "do" {dogs} but you love love love "du" {ducks} and think every flying object should be called one. You love to brush your five "ti" {teeth} and you may or may not throw a whopping fit if you don't get to when mommy does. You love "ba's" {balls} and "bu's" {balloons}. You are nearly obsessed with "tis" {trees} - I can't figure out why, but if you see a tree or any kind of shrubbery for that matter, you must touch it. You love to wave "hi" and goodbye and sometimes you seem shy. You have become a "dad" {daddies} boy but you still have a thing for your "mom" {thank goodness}. You have a mind of your own and you are very determined and strong. You know the doctor's office well but your strength amazes me - You're my little trooper. I are blessed to have you. Every last bit.

Loves and "tesses",