Bennett and I love to take walks. We especially love to walk to the middle of our complex to see the ducks. The ducks love Bennett. He loves them. Me, not so much. To be completely honest, they scare me every time - they just get too darn close.

another first.

Bennett enjoyed his very first football game this Saturday as he watched BYU play Colorado State. He loved it, I think. He was 100% happy watching the game and the people - Like father like son.
We had such a good time and officially feel like a family now that we wore matching shirts to a football game (One of those moments you think about as a little girl ;).
It was so much fun watching Brandon - he's so proud. A guy stopped us and said "Smart. Starting him early." Brandon perked up then insisted I pull Bennett's mini BYU football out of the diaper bag. Tee, hee. :) Love it.


the nursery.

Inspired by Bennett's favorite toy - his Zebra.

The week we found out we were pregnant, I admittedly began looking for baby bedding. There were endless options for girls, but only ONE that I liked for a boy. "Transport" by Dwell Studio. BUT, This one was a bit too pricey for the likes of us students, so I had to stretch my imagination and settle (so I thought).
The crib was also an issue - I wanted the best of the best for my wee one, but, we like food - so, I went searching on KSL. I hit the jack pot one Saturday morning when I found a crib, changing table and a new mattress for a whopping $50. Truly. Yes, all three items - for $50! Unreal. At the time I didn't love the color or style, but now, I love it.
I couldn't find another crib set that I liked enough to buy and was apprehensive to sew one myself until my friend Meriel inspired me to try...
So, thinking of Bennett's love - the zebra - I went wild and found the fabric. My wonderful mother came and helped me sew (we had a blast)...And...
The mobile was quick, easy and inexpensive too - Just some paper and a photo tree from amazon.
All in all, Bennett loves to stare at it - Brandon loves the price tag (the entire room, furniture and all, less than $300) - and I love that they love it. :)