Gabby, Gabbits, Gabbitsferdagin, Gus or Gabe (his real name) is my 2 1/2 year old nephew. He is possibly the greatest person I know --- his personality is rock'n! 4 months ago (before all of his new cousins were born) he was a baby with a throne! I suppose he still is. I have been able to see him everyday for the past 3 months and it has been heavenly. I learn so much from him. The other day I looked over at him and couldn't help but wink... he smiled and a few minutes later looked over at me, yelled "Assss" (yes, this is my name a.k.a. his way of saying Aunt Ash - it is slightly embarrassing when he calls for me in public, but I get over it quickly. He loves me) and then winked both of his eyes at me. He followed with a huge grin. It was the best! I couldn't help but laugh and squish him to pieces. Yesterday I got to babysit him while his parents took Bailey, his baby sister, to the doctor. So, I took him outside and shot him - with my camera. :) He is a character - look and see!

I love you Gabby! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. :)


photo frenzy.

I officially love taking pics. Officially.

For graduation, my familia gifted me a Nikon D300 - I'm obsessed. So, imagine 3 adorable little ones within walking distance plus my um, obsession --- yep --- a perfect combination. There is so much to learn with these gadgets, but I am enjoying the challenge. I don't have any professional backdrops yet or the fancy lighting that is practically essential - but we make due. We get a good laugh during the "photo shoots" --- accident prone babies diaperless (yuck), table lamps, fabric by the yard, random props & nurturing/worried mothers (thanks Brandie, Gentree & Brea). In the end I feel lucky to capture (or attempt to) the sweet everythings of a baby. Here are some shots.




If anyone knows anyone who wants some free pics taken --- I would love the experience! I've also done some bridals, engagements & maternity. :)


Fam, Flash Floods & Fun

Well, well, well - it has been almost a year since we started this blog and this is the first time i've been on since. Sad! :) We have had a busy year.

I graduated from BYU in April and Brandon is selling APX Alarms for the summer. He is doing great, but they weren't kidding when they said it was hard work. Geezze.

We are currently enjoying good ole Des Moines, IA of all places. We actually love it here! We started in Davenport, but after we were stuck in a tornado (no joke) we were transferred. We still get a good flash flood every now and then, but anything is better than the scare we were put through!!

We've made several trips to Chicago (love that) and Nauvoo --- a real treat.

Both of my brothers and their lovely wives are enjoying Iowa this summer as well. Along with them comes a slew of babies!! Gabe (2 years), Bailey (3 months), Wesley (1 month) and new baby Bentley (1 week). It is way too much fun. There is rarely a dull moment. It has been such an adventure so far!

Although we are enjoying the luxury of beautiful apartments, family, a new scene and big cities - we do miss our friends so much. We will be returning to the wonderful P-town in the fall where Brandon will finish up at BYU and I will start at the University of Utah! Back to the grind. Tee, hee. ;) We can't wait to see everyone.