"Trut" Birthday

Bennett requested a truck birthday party. Oh, and a truck birthday party we had! It was a blast - and a lot of work - but oh so worth it to see his face when he arrived at his very own 'construction zone'...

No, but really - Bennett was probably the only one who noticed the truck signs (he still has them).

Bennett's "twinner" cousin - born 3 hours apart! 

Proud Daddy & Uncle manning the BBQ

So - this lovely lady (my sister.in.law) and I spent a good amount of time creating this...

{I had a blast! Thanks for your help, Brand}

My mother.in.law asked where the cake was. It was placed between two real ones. Tee, hee! :)

 The cake was a hit - his favorite part of the day for sure!
He stared at it for awhile and then just couldn't resist. I loved coming over to see his sweet hand print. 
Just as it should be.

A little afraid of the flame.

Another highlight for the little ones...

My dad brought his fun little "tractor"/wheel barrel thingy for the kids to enjoy - and boy did they!!

Pinata time!!

{thanks to all who came and celebrated with us}


Checking out his loot. No surprise that his favorite gifts were black and yellow...

At the end of the day, we were so thrilled  that the cake was yummy and that the favors were fun ... but when the balloons were popped and the cones stacked up I realized that the most important part of my day was this...

The most important part of my day is now a toddler. 
Always my baby but no longer a baby.
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy.  
 I love you - you and the trucks that line our living room. 


{yours} photography

One of my favorite things to do is to snap photos of this little man...

This favorite thing of mine turned into a passion of all things photography. So - I am happy to announce that I am finally starting my very own photography business. I feel fortunate to capture priceless moments for people to cherish forever.

Check out my blog and please let me know what you think. I would love any input from you - I have a ways to go and a great deal to learn but am grateful for any opportunity to grow.