play time.

Bennett isn't allowed to watch TV yet, but he sure likes to pretend. He loves to look at the buttons on our Universal Jumbo Remote Control. I probably would too if I saw a remote that was almost as big as I was!

Bennett also loves tummy time on his new little play mat. He will hold his head up forever if it means he gets to stare at himself in the mirror! It is the cutest thing.

This little guy sure is entertaining. We have so much fun together! Never a dull moment.


3 weeks.

My little Bennster is 3 weeks today - 3 weeks!!! I can't even believe it. It has been such an amazing experience.
Today, Bennett gave his mommy a huge open mouth smile --- I laughed with joy for about 30 seconds and then the tears came a'roll'n. While we sat and stared at each other through my teary eyes my heart ached with gratitude. I am so grateful for the spirit he brings into our home, for the love he shares with Brandon and I, for the way he trusts me, for the way he makes our marriage stronger and for the way he simply makes us a family. I love every moment. Part of me wishes he would stay small and cuddled in my arms forever and the other part can't wait for the rest of the journey.
I love you little man.