play time.

Bennett isn't allowed to watch TV yet, but he sure likes to pretend. He loves to look at the buttons on our Universal Jumbo Remote Control. I probably would too if I saw a remote that was almost as big as I was!

Bennett also loves tummy time on his new little play mat. He will hold his head up forever if it means he gets to stare at himself in the mirror! It is the cutest thing.

This little guy sure is entertaining. We have so much fun together! Never a dull moment.


Amanda said...

Oh Ashley!! He is so darling!! I can't even believe how big he is. Don't tell me that Chloe will be this big in 4 weeks!?!? ;) I also love your jumbo remote. Sorry I missed your call!! I will call you tomorrow! I hope your not busy!! Love you girly!

Colton, Megan, and Hadlee said...

He Is so cute and so strong to hold his head up! We really want to see you guys and meet Bennett in person!

Rachel and Jason Palmer said...

wait a sec!!!! he is holding his head up for a long time already!!!!! man i better get crackin on Kota because we put her on her mat and she screams!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha...oh ash he is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! i luv him so much!