long overdue.

Here is a mini update of our lives.
(February - April)

We got to go skiing for the first time in years! So fun.

Bennett and I spent Valentines Day together, since Dad got to go to the Vancouver Olympics. We had a blast dipping strawberries,
reading sappy love stories,

and dressing up for church.
Then we joined some friends for the afternoon.

Then had a nice snooze.

It was a wonderful Valentines day, but surely was not the same without Brandon.

Bennett no longer reaches or backs into things -

He's an excellent crawler, and has been for awhile now...

The bumps and bruises followed the crawling.
{This day in his crib shows the worst of it - Bruises from the week were all over his head! He was out of control.}

Thankfully, he mastered the whole crawling and standing thing - and falls much less.

Bennett takes full advantage of his mobility.

He loves being outside...

...and wearing big ties.

Bennett became Brandon's "true" son the day he went to his first Basketball game - and loved it.

{Just kidding}

And, for my Birthday, Brandon sent me to Virginia to see one of my bestest friends - Rachel and her beautiful daughter Dakota. The trip was amazing. Just what we needed.

{I will post more pictures of the trip later}

Bennett has/had Obstructive Sleep Apnea (yep: He wakes up 6-12 times a night)... So he had an adenoidectomy. The whole surgery thing was unbelievably scary, but all went well. We should be seeing the true results shortly. Cross your fingers for us and our little trooper.

Then, came the good stuff - Easter.

And now, we are loving the weather and Dad's Baseball games.

So much more has happened but sadly there isn't enough time to share it all! We have been lucky to see so many dear friends and family this year and hope to post the details soon. As for now, we are looking forward to graduation. We can't believe the craziness is coming to an end. We feel so blessed and grateful for our experiences.