a little more...

Since I can remember, I wanted to go to graduate school. Well, after 2 long years - a baby - a baby who couldn't sleep - and a wonderfully supportive husband, I FINALLY did it! It was honestly the hardest thing I have ever done, but now I look back and feel I learned a little more than just Speech Language Pathology... I also learned a little more about myself. I somehow can appreciate the small things, like sleep and a peaceful night without a thing to do. Like spending an entire day singing the ABC's and reading to a curious little boy. Like holding the most perfect little gift in your arms, all night long. Like being a parent with an amazing companion. Like watching a tooth peak through mini gums or the leaves sprout on a nearby tree. These are things I didn't appreciate before. I now know what it feels like to help, or in some minute way, make a difference. I know what it feels like to be sitting in a surgery waiting room, wishing I could change places with my child so he would be free of pain and fear. I know what it's like to be held by big arms and by little ones. I now realize how blessed I am to have a husband who believes in me, even when I don't. I realize how lucky I am to have friends and family who would drop so much to help. I have a better understanding of hard times and a deeper gratitude for the good that comes from them. I now know what it feels like to lose a loved grandfather and to reflect on a life. I know what it's like to watch a baby grow. I know how it feels to be called "mom". I learned more about patience. I learned about my personal limits and abilities. I learned to rely more on God and that prayer really does change things. I learned there is nothing more important or more beautiful than the people I come home to.
This journey has been life changing and I'm grateful to realize there is more than an M.S. after my name.
Thanks to all for your love and support. I couldn't have done it without you.

{more pictures to come}