sour faces.

I may be an evil mother, but I couldn't resist. Lemon juice is just way too tempting - and way too fun to watch.


oh the things big boys do...

They help with the cooking.
They love time with daddy.
{check out the teeth and his strawberry hair}
They love to laugh...
and give tons of kisses.
They sit up to play in the bath.
They give 'cheese ball' faces.

They chew on anything and everything.
They get sick of the camera.
{com'on mom - are you serious? I'm bathin' here!}
They finally part their hair.
They know they're cooler than cool.
They are always on the move...
and know how to pooh...

They play with their ears...
{and think it's funny when mom takes them to the doctor to check for an infection... He's a tease}
and have no fears.
He sure is one great big bundle of joy. We love him - all 18 pounds.


two teeth.

Well folks, our little man is growing up. He has two teeth! The bottom ones completely cut through in what seems like overnight. Oh and yes, he crawls! He can only crawl backwards, but nonetheless he crawls. It is odd to think that my baby boy is mobile and capable of - well, biting. Life is good.


a good day.

I woke up this morning to my sweetest (Bennett that is) slowly and ever so softly pulling my bottom lip down, letting go and then laughing at the pop sound. Um, I loved it.
Then while playing with the same sweetest this afternoon, he pulled himself up and started scooting - in the wrong direction. Yep, he is now a backwards scooter. Loved that too.
As if this excitement wasn't enough, my very own sweetest picked up his sippy cup and took a few slugs all on his own. Loved that - kinda. When I say kinda I mean that I am kinda not ready for my sweetest to grow up so fast. Surely because I am kinda enjoying how he lathers on the kisses when he sees me (really, he does) and I am kinda loving how he is utterly and completely a mama's boy. I am kinda loving how he looks at me and how he chats with me. I am kinda loving how he leans for me and how he knows how much I love him. I am kinda loving it all. Well, maybe I shouldn't say all --- the nights are rough at the Christensen's house (enough said) - but yes, I will say all because I kinda love how he needs me... 24/7.