5 months.

The past 158 days have been wonderful.

That's how long we've had him -

and these two extra chins...

oh, and a new pair of feet (a recent discovery)...

He came with some smarty pants...

...that can now sit,

and drink on their own.

{probably because this smarty pants refuses to take a bottle}

We have also learned that this little one comes with some teeth...
Which are surely on their way -

{hence the love of the teether toy}

All in all, we feel lucky to have our very own "humpty look alike"

and can't wait for the days ahead with our little 16 pounder.


sweet sweet dragon.

Kids sure do bring out the best in a whole lot of things -
Halloween is one of those things.

Pumpkin by day....
{thanks Meems}

Fire breathing dragon by night...

Mommy? Leonardo?

The gals & the turtles.

Yes, I was a turtle. A true Ninja.
{thanks Aunt Missy}

At Daddy's Halloween Work Party.

Pumpkin Bread Bowls.
{thanks Aunt Jenn}

With the Boys.

Sticky eyeballs.

With Second-Cousin Kelsey.

Trick-or-Treating for the First time.

Some snuggles for Mommy.

Checking out his loot.

With the Great-Uncles.

Fun, fun, fun times.
{Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful partays.}