photo frenzy.

I officially love taking pics. Officially.

For graduation, my familia gifted me a Nikon D300 - I'm obsessed. So, imagine 3 adorable little ones within walking distance plus my um, obsession --- yep --- a perfect combination. There is so much to learn with these gadgets, but I am enjoying the challenge. I don't have any professional backdrops yet or the fancy lighting that is practically essential - but we make due. We get a good laugh during the "photo shoots" --- accident prone babies diaperless (yuck), table lamps, fabric by the yard, random props & nurturing/worried mothers (thanks Brandie, Gentree & Brea). In the end I feel lucky to capture (or attempt to) the sweet everythings of a baby. Here are some shots.




If anyone knows anyone who wants some free pics taken --- I would love the experience! I've also done some bridals, engagements & maternity. :)


Amanda said...

Oh my Ashley,.. you are amazing!! I didn't even know they MADE a D300,.. Now my D40 looks like a hunk of junk cause you know I have to keep up with the Christensen's!! JAYKAY! I love having an SLR camera,.. but if you ever want some practice when you get home, I LOVE new cute pics of Bailey!!! You might have to teach me a thing or 500 abou tmy camera cause I know,.. UMM,.. nothing!

Amy and Troy said...

Hey Ashley, I saw the link to your blog on your facebook, so I thought I'd check it out and say hi! Very cute layout. I saw from your pictures that your husband is selling for APX? Troy is too, we're in Baltimore for the summer. Anyway, hopefully you don't think it's weird I stopped by your blog :) Our's is troyandamy.blogspot.com. Hope you're doing great!

Mike & Rachel Barton said...

Hi Ash!

I just found your blog on facebook. You are a great photographer! Anyway, email me your email address at rachelrbarton@hotmail.com so I can add you guys to our blog!

Hope you guys are doing well!


Tyson and Heather said...

these shots looks amazing! You have discovered an amazing talent. Glad we found you in the blog world! I will make sure Heather sees this shots!

Brandon and Katie said...

Ah I love all your pictures! My husband has a D40 and he loves it. I want a nice camera but he says we don't need two! Let me know when you come back to Washington and I'll pay you to take some pictures of Brandon and I (I wasn't a big fan of our engagement or wedding pics).

Laci Harper said...

These pictures are so cute! I should get you to take some of Keeli! Hope all is going well!