Hard to believe you're one. My little Benetron is one!
You have been a true joy. I love how you smile, how you cry {really it is the cutest puppy dog cry you've ever seen} and how you inspire me to be better every day. You are patient, kind and oh so wonderful.
You love "chichi" {chicken}, "ju" {juice} and "teets" {treats}. You always insists for "ma" {more}. You are so observant and always point out "di" {this} and "dat" {that}. You are intrigued by "sus" {shoes}, "hat" {hats} and "tis" (toys}. You can't go a day without a "da" {bath} or a "tes" {kiss}. You are always proud to show me your "tu" {tongue} and point to my nose when asked. You like "do" {dogs} but you love love love "du" {ducks} and think every flying object should be called one. You love to brush your five "ti" {teeth} and you may or may not throw a whopping fit if you don't get to when mommy does. You love "ba's" {balls} and "bu's" {balloons}. You are nearly obsessed with "tis" {trees} - I can't figure out why, but if you see a tree or any kind of shrubbery for that matter, you must touch it. You love to wave "hi" and goodbye and sometimes you seem shy. You have become a "dad" {daddies} boy but you still have a thing for your "mom" {thank goodness}. You have a mind of your own and you are very determined and strong. You know the doctor's office well but your strength amazes me - You're my little trooper. I are blessed to have you. Every last bit.

Loves and "tesses",


Torgersons said...

Oh my goodness, those teeth! All of Owen's top four decided to finally break through last week. Thank goodness. He really does look like a one-year-old! Can he really say all those things? Owen's not much of a talker yet. :)

My boy and I said...

Oh my gosh! That is such an adorable picture. I LOVE his little overalls!!

Regan and Jess George said...

What a precious little guy you have :)

Katie said...

Oh man he's so big and so darn cute! You were sent an angel babe Ash! Yay for one year!!