getting bigger.

We love this one. He is so full of spunk and sparkle.

Our very own spunk and sparkle will be two soon you know. He loves all that is truck related and is only excited to turn two because of all of this talk about a truck birthday party.
We ask him when his birthday is and he always says"truck".
"Well, yes, you are having a truck birthday party," I reply. "But when is your birthday?"
He replies in the 'how many times are you going to ask me tone'...
"June ten. Washington."
Washington - you might ask?
Well, I may or may not have taught him his birthday on the same day I taught him where we live. He's a smart one and likes to cover all his bases. Either that or he wants to get his mama off his back so he can get back to the important stuff - trucks and baseball.


Celesteam said...

He's a smartie our Bennetron!

BreAnne Kavanagh said...

Love the pics! I can't believe how big he's getting...such a handsome little boy :) It was so great talking to you the other night, you're so sweet to check in on me. Now i'm keeping my fingers crossed that you guys find your way down to Cali someday :)