fresh air.

It felt like the perfect day for a stroll in the park and a picnic. Since we are limited as to where we can go these days, it seemed like a good way to get out and enjoy some fresh air.


Rachel and Jason Palmer said...

ok those pics are soooooooooooooo cute! ash you look amazing! so so cute of brando and the little guy smiling! omg! your stroller is soooo nice! such a freakin adorable family! luv you!

Amanda said...

I love you,.. but I don't like that you ALREADY look like you never had a baby!!! It's not really fair! Plus you have your baby and i guess that's fair, but I want mine too!!!!! You are an amazing photographer and one hot mamma Ash!!!

BreAnne and Trevor said...

You look beautiful Ash! I'm sorry we keep missing each other.on the phone I was out of town at home and it was so busy, but I love the pictures you've been posting:) I hope everything is going well....we miss you guys!