his strength.

Little Bennett came into this world crying, breathing and absolutely perfect. He did however have a hard time adjusting to this foreign world. As a result he had something called a pneumothorax, a small hole in the lung. This happens when the alveoli in the lungs rupture from the transition from fluid to air. Air from the lungs then leaks out through hole into the spaces outside the lung airways. A fair ammount of infants have this, but some deal with it better than others. He was rushed to the NICU and put on a respirator. He went from the respirator, to a ventilator, to feeding tubes and multiple IV's. Seeing the most precious thing in your life struggle was the most difficult thing Brandon and I have ever been through - but, believe it or not, our little boy's strength pulled us through. It was incredible and sincerely humbling to witness his patience, strength and understanding. He is a wonder! We have learned so much from him already. He progressed quickly and healed faster than expected. The hole naturally resealed and his body reasborbed the air that escaped into his thoracic cavity. After 5 long days in the NICU, Brandon and I were blessed to bring our little angel home. We are having a blast and Bennett is doing great! He loves being home.

It has been an amazing experience - difficult - but amazing. Our lives have changed - in a miraculous way - and oh boy, are we grateful for our little man.

You light up our lives Bennett, thank you for choosing us!
We love you.

Daddy & Mommy

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Amanda said...

Oh Ashley and Brandon,.. I'm so sorry!! What a scarry experiance!! I am glad the little Champ pulled through!!! He sure is beautiful, and I can't wait to meet him!!!